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not bad for a morning’s work July 1, 2006

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So, after a great french-toast breakfast, we gathered ourselves upstairs to J’s computer to talk paint colors. Since J is a web designer he has “more say in color than the average husband” his words, not mine, but OK by me!

When we were on our honeymoon we stayed at a  great place in Mendocino CA called theblueheronbreakfast.jpg Blue Heron Inn, which had a FABULOUS restaurant as well The Moosse Cafe– get the Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate pudding with whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate shavings – it is amazing!

But anyways, the Blue Heron had a wonderful paint/wood color combination of a Hearty Tomato and a warm butter, with cherry-stained wood trim. We just loved it, and thought that it would be a good place to start for our color palate….

asian_bamboo_flowers_bedding.jpgSo for the downstairs, which will have maple floors and maple & cherry banded trim we figured the kitchen would be our Hearty Tomato color, and the living room & dining room would be the Warm Butter color, where the hall way would be the lighter Vanilla color. J’s office, also on the ground floor is still TBA. Upstairs started with the comforter that J had bought when he bought the condo (pre-me), a dark Squid Ink wall behind the bed, and the rest of the room a 10% tint of the Squid Ink. THe bathrooms made for the most difficult choice. I wanted colors that wouldn’t make me look ill when I looked in the mirror (I love green, but nope!) So we have settled on a Mocha (master bath) and a Coffee Ice Cream (2nd bath upstairs)colors both look good with the natural slate/stone we hope to put in the bathrooms. The downstairs powder room will possibly be wallpaper

“His house was perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking, best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.” J.R.R.Tolkien



1. Joel - July 14, 2006

Ooh, I’m so jealous! What a fantastic palate you’ve put together. I love the natural woods and earth tones. To say nothing of the cool-ass font labels! Great job! I can’t wait to get around to your other blogs and get fully caught up.

2. j - July 23, 2006

To all those who care about my sister, step up and tell her the terrible crooked truth: the kitchen will be too dark (it’s the red in the top left of the pallet).

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