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This week. It will be this week. August 19, 2006

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Okay, you heard it here folks. This is the week.

You may be asking “After having been wrong the last 7 weeks, what makes you think you stand a gnat’s chance in a hailstorm of being right?” If so, I can’t say I really blame you. Heck, I think I’m crazy too!

But I’m going to be right.

You see, this is the week Heather and my lives get a bit crazier. We start our fall sports seasons with tryouts on Thursday. I have a double session of volleyball and she’s got the first day of field hockey. You know that Murphy guy? No, he’s not trying out – he’s way too old. But he’s the one who’s going to make it happen. We all know that both the house and the season are going to kick into gear at the same time. That’s life.

“Life? Don’t talk to me about life.” – Douglas Adams, (Marvin the Paranoid Android)

Tripod rod #2So Heather and I got ready today. We sunk a couple of threaded rods into trees on property that are both:

  • Remaining standing when the rest the house site is cleared
  • Have a nice view of where that house thingy is going to eventually be

Put house hereFunny enough, these threaded rods are the same type as you’d find on a camera tripod, so now our camera screws into the trees. Solid enough for ya? The goal is to be able to take the same photo day after day and create some time-lapse movies of the build. The really cool thing, of course, will be to play it backward!

So, we talked to our builder and mortgage company yesterday and are ready to roll on Monday. Next week. You heard it here first (7 weeks ago).

What’s it look like now? Just like this. Without the house, of course. But soon. Very, very, very soon…


We have to pick a porch *ceiling* color? August 15, 2006

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calhoun200x260.jpgCaught this on NPR about painting porch ceilings blue:

Some reasons

  1. looks like sky
  2. reflects light
  3. keeps bugs away
  4. keeps evil spirits away

Don’t think a blue ceiling is in our porches future…but we’re breaking ground tomorrow *wink, wink*

We’ll be breaking ground next week! Again. August 12, 2006

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Getting all your ducks in a row always takes longer than you hope. It’s the rule. And there really are no exceptions. You’d think it’d be the last little squidgy duckling or two that would be the trouble, but sometimes it’s the ones up front who are waddling crookedly.

So it’s next week. Again.

The thing you have to realize it that this is a good thing. If we were up and running, having broken ground and starting knocking over trees, rolling rocks, etc., things would be far worse. We’d still have delays. Delays happen. Just like sh*t. But then we’d be paying interest on the delays. And saying sh*t! instead.

So the obvious moral of the story is to tape your ducks to a straightedge, cause squidginess costs money. The secondary moral is that using words correctly just isn’t enough fun. Squidgy actually means ‘soft, pliant, and sometimes soggy’. I like my usage better, whatever it was. That’s not really a second moral, but it fits in well.

South elevation rough blueprintBack to the house. We ran numbers again with Ralph on Friday and are within about $15K of our goal. Since that includes all the details down to the paint and trim, we’re quite psyched! The plan is now to finally line up the site work contractor and get the curb cut done on Wednesday (that’s taking a bunch of land near the street and pushing it down the hill a bit so that the drilling truck can get access.) Curb cut, drilling, then building permit and kick it into high gear.

We know it’s the sixth week we’ve been saying it’s next week. And we’re okay with that. Are you?

Surely you can see the progress we’ve made? August 2, 2006

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Well, it’s the 5th week in a row that I’ve answered “We’re breaking ground this week,” when asked how the house is coming! While there’s certainly been progress, it’s not quite the literally earthmoving type of progress we’d been hoping for.

Get'cher house heah!The good news is that things are still moving forward. Financing is moving forward and our builder has gotten his 4th site work quote. 4 quotes? Sure – the first 3 would have blown our budget a bit out of whack, so hopefully this 4th one will be the one we need to get things rolling. Ralph’s been doing all the logistics, lining up the subs, talking with the town, planning his own schedule. Now it’s time to get things rolling.

‘Cause we’re breaking ground. This week.