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We’ll be breaking ground next week! Again. August 12, 2006

Posted by jeff in house.

Getting all your ducks in a row always takes longer than you hope. It’s the rule. And there really are no exceptions. You’d think it’d be the last little squidgy duckling or two that would be the trouble, but sometimes it’s the ones up front who are waddling crookedly.

So it’s next week. Again.

The thing you have to realize it that this is a good thing. If we were up and running, having broken ground and starting knocking over trees, rolling rocks, etc., things would be far worse. We’d still have delays. Delays happen. Just like sh*t. But then we’d be paying interest on the delays. And saying sh*t! instead.

So the obvious moral of the story is to tape your ducks to a straightedge, cause squidginess costs money. The secondary moral is that using words correctly just isn’t enough fun. Squidgy actually means ‘soft, pliant, and sometimes soggy’. I like my usage better, whatever it was. That’s not really a second moral, but it fits in well.

South elevation rough blueprintBack to the house. We ran numbers again with Ralph on Friday and are within about $15K of our goal. Since that includes all the details down to the paint and trim, we’re quite psyched! The plan is now to finally line up the site work contractor and get the curb cut done on Wednesday (that’s taking a bunch of land near the street and pushing it down the hill a bit so that the drilling truck can get access.) Curb cut, drilling, then building permit and kick it into high gear.

We know it’s the sixth week we’ve been saying it’s next week. And we’re okay with that. Are you?



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