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Well, we didn’t break ground, but… September 4, 2006

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There was progress. We signed a contract with our builder saying that he’s going to build this thing and we’re going to pay him. That’s a good step, right? There was talk of moving the site clearing equipment in on Friday or Saturday but it never quite materialized. You know where that leaves us right?

You got it. Next week. It will happen next week. And while we’re talking about that, let me just state for the record that next year will be The Year for the Red Sox. Again.

The real good news of the week was getting an offer on the condo under contract. As much fun as it’s been playing with 3 different properties, both Heather and I are incredibly psyched by the idea that we can knock one off the list and get back to just the apartment and the House. If all goes well, that deal will close later in September.

And by then, the house will be WELL underway.

Stop laughing.



1. John - September 4, 2006

My good tidings on the offer…didn’t like that place anyway. Hope this one is better. Make sure there’s room for my ping pong table (that you’re going to get me) in the basement.


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