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Hey look – Dirt! September 16, 2006

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Making way to skid the timber outDave Richard brought in the digger today. You see, we’ve got this 400 ft+ driveway going in and it’s currently filled with trees. Not those nice vertical trees that you’re used to, but ones that have been cut and stacked and need to be skidded out of there. So today’s job was to get the driveway entrance ready for the skidder and logging trailer & chipper. Dave dug out all the stumps and then leveled the ground for about the first 50 feet.

Milk bottle dug up near streetI got to hang out on site for a couple hours, talking with Ralph Kenney, our builder, and watching Dave work. One of the cool bits was seeing a milk bottle from a local dairy that got turned up unbroken! You watch this machine rip stumps out of the ground, dig out rocks bigger than I am and turn rocks to dust. Then you find an unbroken bottle it gently picked out of the earth? Crazy stuff. The ElmHurst Dairy in West Millbury. I wonder if we can return it…

Our friend Beth came out to the site today with Cole & Quinn. Quinn was fussing a bit, so it was a short stay, but I got to give our 3 year old godson Cole a boost up into the digger and the skidder for a look around. It was the first of many visits for him over the next few months!

Done ’til Monday, we think. Then they’ll do the rest of the site clearing work and get the trees out of there. Also scheduled for next week will be de-stumping the driveway, drilling the well, and hopefully getting to work on the foundation hole!

We also got the news that our condo sale closing is on schedule despite the radon rediation work we need to have done, so the financial stuff is rolling right along as well. On top of that, our painting estimate came in at a good number, so for the first time we’re able to reduce a number on the project continuation sheet!



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