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The Ents are getting a bit annoyed with us… September 19, 2006

Posted by jeff in house.

Skidder & Chipper/Trailer in useQuick update. Mitch’s timber clearing crew was at work this morning and should be done by tomorrow. The skidder is dragging the trees from their resting spots on the driveway up to the entrance clearing. The clipper operator picks the trees up and positions them so that the millable logs can be cut off by chainsaw. He then stacks the logs and grabs the remaining portions of the tree and feeds them into the chipper. I watched the chipper handle chunks up to 18 inches wide and don’t know what the max capacity is – but I was staying WAY away from it! The chips are blown into a full size tractor trailer that’s parked in the driveway entrance.

Once they get the driveway cleared, Mitch will take down the remaining valuable lumber within the house site by hand. They’ll drag it up, process it the same way, and get the timber equipment off site. Then Dave Richard goes to work again, doing the curb cut and forming the rough driveway perhaps Wed. afternoon or Thursday.



1. John - September 20, 2006

Looks like you guys are really hauling ass now. Great. How bout a picture from the road so we can all see how the driveway comes in? I’m sure it will be clear once the building starts going up, but are some of these pictures from your hard-stations?

take care,

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