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It doesn’t tax the imagination to see a driveway and house here September 21, 2006

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Driveway newly cleared of treesThe timber removal is complete! I visited the site at eight this morning and Mitch, Kevin and Matt were just finishing processing the final logs. This picture was taken from a spot about 40 feet from the street, looking down the driveway. You can see where the driveway will swing to the left around the house. There’s a outcrop in the middle of the driveway right now, but that’s a good thing – it’ll reduce the amount of fill we need to bring in. Some of that fill is luckily coming from the curb cut – that’s one of the next steps.

Put house hereThe house clearing is pretty mindblowing. We knew we were putting the house in the middle of the best stand of timber on property, but I grew so attached to those giants over the last year! This photo is the house site from tripod tree #2, on the outside of the driveway turn. There’s about a 70 foot sun-field open on the near (south) side of the house and in the distance you can see the rock walls that will run behind and on the side of the house. The actual house location is generally where the group of stumps is in the fore-mid ground of this photo.

100 year old...stumpAnd then there’s the the one we loved but had to come down. This giant (my quick count has it at 100 years old) red oak would have been about 15 feet behind the house…leaning directly at it. Who knows – it might have lived for another 100 years! But when it finally fell, it would have absolutely destoryed the house. I picked up a wedge of the oak from the chainsaw cut. It was about a square foot of wood, up to 5 inches thick and it was incredibly heavy! To think of how many tons that tree must have weighed, we really only had too choices here. More the house or cut down the tree!

The good news is that we have an even bigger one that’s being used as tripod tree #1. That one’s on the far side of the septic field and will be the view out the front of the house.

Next step is pushing some dirt, pulling a ton of stumps…



1. Al - September 21, 2006

Congrats on the progress!

Don’t upset the Ents.

Are the Rangers in league still with the Ents?

Go Rangers!

Contractors have the same time perception paradigm that Ents have!

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