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We sold the condo…let’s build this puppy! September 22, 2006

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Back in late 1999, my accountant told me “you’re an idiot if you don’t buy a house immediately.” It was the usual throwing away money at a rented property situation and he was dead right. So two months later I bought a condo that was completed in June 2000. I told myself (and those close enough and nice enough to listen to me) I’d sell it and move into a house in 2 years.

And then I met Heather…

Okay, it wasn’t Heather – it was the fact my business took a major hit. And I went on a long hike. And I met Heather.

Okay, it really had nothing to do with Heather.

Regardless, 6 1/4 years later, the condo is now sold. And we have a nice down payment on our new house. Thank God. Speaking of whom, l’shanah tovah!

Great, enough of that stuff. Let’s spend that money!

driveway entrance with curb cut

So the rough driveway’s in place with the curb cut perhaps 1/2 complete. It looks to me that there’s still a lot more dirt and rock that can be taken out of the rise near the street and the slope is still a bit too steep. I spoke with our builder while I was onsite and we’ll meet early next week to figure out how to finish the rough in this area and what pitch we want the driveway to have. No matter what we do, it’s going to be a good slope. But there’s a flat at both the top and bottom of the driveway and the slope of the drive will get southern sun, so hopefully it won’t ice up too much in the winter.

Looking down roughed in driveway

Looking up roughed in driveway

The drilling equipment was either dropped off this afternoon or will roll in and get put to use on Monday. Ralph’s expecting that to be done by the end of Tuesday. And now that we have a driveway-like-thingy, they can get to the spot in the backyard where the well’s going to be. Remember that the house faces directly away from the road to we get southern sun, so the backyard is the road-side of the house.That make sense? Good. Nah – you’re just humoring me. But I’m okay with that.

Our front yard treeI mentioned tripod tree #1 in my last entry. That’s the huge oak directly in front of the house, about 75 feet away from the southern face. It’s a beauty. On property today, I was able to see the height of the Sept sun at 11am on what will be the southern face. The good news is that we have a decently open sun field in place so that the passive solar design of the house will help heat things up in the cold season. The bad news is that I’m pretty sure more trees will have to come down, but we’ll deal with that after we move in and can watch the actual shadows on the house. No matter what, this tree is not coming down!



1. John - September 24, 2006


Does the drive get paved? Or, is it going to be gravel topped? Or is that up in the air? Everything looks great. Keep up the posts!

2. jeff - September 24, 2006

It’s slightly up in the air. We’re not going to be asphalt paving it if we can help it. Due to the grade going up the hill however, we’ll have to put some sort of rock dust, gravel, road base, etc. down.

The factors are environmental impact, cost, plowing and maintenance. Got any suggestions?

3. I know things are good when… « paperclips - September 24, 2006

[…] having a driveway […]

4. jp - September 28, 2006


The links in your blogrole are dead, with the exception of the site you built.

Keep the pictures coming!


5. susan w - November 19, 2006

Good thing you sold before prices and sales got whopped!

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