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Well? October 5, 2006

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We’ve been told over and over and over to expect the process to be trying. And we’ve set our expectations accordingly. But there’s something about the construction industry that makes communication impossible. I mean, if I’m supposed to finish a bit of website maintenance for a client on a Monday and my computer breaks, keeping me from doing it most of the week, I don’t just shut up and keep quiet, do I? Okay, okay, most of the time I don’t! Can my wife skip teaching her classes for a week and then expect to keep her job? What’s up with these people???

Well drillingAfter a week with nothing happening because the first well company punked out with broken equipment and no communication, Bay State Pump of Holden took over. We had some permit issues hold us up on Monday as our engineer didn’t have plans at the Public Health office in time, but Bay State moved the rig in and staked the well location on Tuesday. We’re 10 feet off the driveway, 50 feet behind (street-side of) the house.

Wednesday they started drilling. And drilling. Most of our neighbors have wells around 250 ft. We needed at least 300 ft for the geothermal system, but at that point had only 2 of the 15 gallons/minute we need. So we kept drilling. When I was on site this beautiful Thursday morning, they were at 475 ft and drilling. The plan is to go to 600 ft and then hydrofracture to try to increase the yield.



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