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Frack! October 7, 2006

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In case you’re puzzling over the title, it’s not a swear. Although it could be one. And a good one at that!*

The well hit 600 ft and produced 3 gallons per minute. While that’s enough to float a very tiny boat and maybe flush a toilet occasionally, it just ain’t gonna handle the geothermal heating system. So on Monday or Tuesday, they’ll frack the well, either by explosives or hydrofracking. Our builder tells us there’s a real good chance this well will work and we won’t have to drill another. Given the difficulty in taking down more trees, building more road and relocating the well, we’re praying for Frack over here!

So the plans for the upcoming week are to get the well going and then to continue with the excavating. We’re building up the driveway a bit more and pulling the stumps at the building site as soon as Dave Richard’s back with his equipment.

*Pop Culture Note – Don’t blame my husband, he does not know/retain pop-culture references, even when he sees/hears them on TV a few days before, like on Veronica Mars. Frak – is a pseudo-swear from Battlestar Galactia…yeah,  admit it – your life is just a bit more complete now that you know this little tid-bit.



1. Mom - October 10, 2006

“The rational for Hydraulic Fracturing is simple, the rate of groundwater flow in a fracture is proportional to the cube of the fracture aperture. In fine grained low permeability silts and clays a fracture can increase flow rates by an order of magnitude or more. Even then the rate limiting step for advective groundwater flow will not be the carrying capacity of the fracture itself, but the capacity of the fine grained aquifer matrix to yield water into the fracture.”
I got an A in chemistry and an A in geometry and an A in English. None of which allows me to understand the above. Obviously I needed a course in Physics and Geology. Heather – help!

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