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What’s flowing at 23,760 gallons per day? October 12, 2006

Posted by jeff in Uncategorized.

You got it baby – that’s our well!  Our builder just told us that the well fractured just under 500 ft and is giving us 16.5 gallons per minute. Luckily the guys at Bay State Pump are smart enough to not leave the pump running, so we’re not washing away our entire building site.  They’ll be scheduling the water test tomorrow morning and we’ll be back underway with excavation Tues or Wed next week!



1. T - October 14, 2006

Nice Frackin’!
Just think with a well that deep, odds are better it won’t dry up in a drought or if more development comes in to share the groundwater.

How deep did they put your pump?

2. J - October 15, 2006

Why do you need that many gallons per minute/per day? Does the geothermal system have water running through it constantly? Or, does it have high peak demands?
Maybe it’s not the geothermal at all, maybe you guys are planning on one hell of a showerhead? That’s not eco-conscious, let me tell you!

3. G.O. - October 20, 2006

There was a rumor about one of you guys having a small pump but did you so have to overcompensate on the well?

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