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Only days now… October 17, 2006

Posted by jeff in house.

  Well TestYou can live weeks without food, but only days without water. Having never been on a hunger strike or a long hike in the desert, I never thought about that too much. But we’ve now been four (4!) weeks from when the last excavation was complete and when we’re ready to start again! Four weeks! Heck, you could die of hunger in that time, let alone thirst!

Now, before you take any of this blog to be too much of a rant against our builder or the house building process, you need to realize something. Our builder knows of this blog. And we like our builder. (does that earn us any brownie points Ralph?) So please don’t think this is a rant against Ralph. It’s simply an insider’s view of the process. And the process does indeed take a darn long time!

Speaking of a long time, I moved some rocks today. A couple dozen of them. I was waiting for Andy, our driller, to return so that I could give him some money. And since he wasn’t there and I was, I decided to get a little exercise for a change. So I moved some of the weathered rocks that make up the rock wall where the house will be built to the wall on the street side of the house. And in the process, I discovered why people invented machines. Rocks are heavy. Kinda helps put this thing into perspective a bit, stumbling and heaving two dozen rocks around over 15 minutes. I looked back when I was done and couldn’t even see where the rocks were amongst the leaf litter. Nor could I see any improvement in the wall. But I know I did something. And now you do too!

So where are we?

  • Water quantity and quality tests are complete.
  • Ralph’s submitted for the building permit (we had to wait for the well on this one)
  • Dave Richard’s moving his equipment back in tomorrow and hopefully improving the driveway, stumping the building site and starting to dig the hole over the next few days.

So give us a couple days and we’ll hopefully have a few more interesting photos for you. And a hole!



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