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The Foundation November 30, 2006

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The Foundation

(Sci Fi fans: It’s Galactic Era 2006 – that’s 9982 years before the birth of Hari Seldon, according to the late, great Issac Asimov)

Well, looky here!  Those tiny little walls they planted two days ago done sprouted!  And they grew some windows!  How precious! 

It’s Thursday and the foundation crew just stripped the forms off the foundation a couple hours ago.  Heather and I and Tally were able to check out the  layout of the house and do a little cleaning up after the crew.

You’re looking at the south face of the house, so that’s the kitchen on the right and the living room on the left.  In the back left, you can see the dining room and right under the excavator is my office.  The one cutout is the bulkhead under the laundry room.  Where Heather’s standing will be the porch, wrapping from the south face past Heather by about 8 feet and the main entry to the house is just behind Heather.  Got it?

We’re set to close the financing next week as well as have the foundation inspection and move into the framing.  Wheeee!


We have footings. Would you like some? November 28, 2006

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Forming the foundation15 months since we bought the property. A darn long time since we found our builder. But only a week since they started on the hole and it took them 2 hours to build the forms and pour the footings! The foundation’s started!

The guys from Giguere & Dufresne Foundations up in Fitchburg burned through their work just after noon and the concrete truck rolled in from Aggregate Industries just as the form was finished. It’s unbelieveable how fast these guys got in, got it done and got out!

Next step comes tomorrow afternoon when they finish the foundation. Check for more photos on Thursday!

Oh yeah – did I mention we have a building permit? Financing closing next week too – we’ll be moved in by the holidays!!!

There’s a hole, there’s a hole, there’s a hole with a sea on the bottom November 26, 2006

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HoleActually, it’s a puddle about 1/2 an inch deep covering just about 6 square feet of space.  Under where the pantry will be, if you were wondering.  The only reason I mention it is because it’s the most interesting feature of the hole right now.  The hole’s finished, the rocks are spread, and the footings scheduled to be poured on Friday are not there.  Hopefully they’ll happen on Monday, but we haven’t heard from Ralph on what delayed them yet.

It’s all looking good at this point.  We’re just hoping to get the foundation poured and the framing underway as quickly as possible.  Daytime temps are still unseasonably warm – in the high 50’s – for the next week.

A River Runs Through It November 22, 2006

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Rocks in the Finished HoleNo.  Make that a puddle.  When John finished digging the hole yesterday, it was dry.  And it didn’t rain at all overnight.  But this morning we had 3 inches of water standing in the hole.  Turns out that the bottom of the hole is right at the top of the ledge, so this is groundwater running on top of the ledge right under the house.  So now, we got rocks.

3 loads of rocks were dumped and pushed into the hole today giving us a 6-8 inch rock cushion so that the water can do it’s thing and the footings can be poured on Friday.  Slight delay, but no big deal.

So it’s Thanksgiving!  And we have a hole!  Enjoy the holiday and check again over the weekend when we should have some foundation pics to post…

We have a hole. November 21, 2006

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The hole beginsIt’s been months and months of friends and family asking “did they dig the hole yet?”  Actually, about a month ago, that chorus changed to “is the house done yet?”, but we’re ignoring those people!  Today, they dug the hole.  Most of the hole.  Enough of the hole so that we’re still planning on pouring the footings tomorrow, at least.

I went over at noon because the slope on the site was slightly greater than expected and Ralph wanted to make sure the foundation exposure of about 4 feet in the front of the house would be acceptable.  Since the alternative is to terrace the back of the house and we’re planning on wrapping the rock wall around the front porch eventually anyway, that’s just fine.  So John went back to work with the bulldozer and the hole’s coming right along.

Heather and I will be stopping by tomorrow on the way to her parent’s house, so hopefully a few more pictures tomorrow – and maybe even one of the footings going in!

What’s Big and Yellow? November 20, 2006

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Big, Yellow and good at creating hole-like thingsDriveway improvements today and maybe starting the hole this afternoon!

I met with Ralph onsite to stake the final house location now that the septic field is staked and the well is done. John was improving the driveway and getting it ready for the bulldozer due this afternoon. They’re going to knock the top of the driveway down to lessen the slope. With the footings for the foundation due to be poured on Wednesday, the driveway is finally coming together!

More to be posted every day or two now…

Tomorrow.. November 19, 2006

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The building permit will be issued
Bet my $779.10 check
That tomorrow
There’ll be a permit!

Just thinkin’ about
When they dig the hole,
And get ready for the foundation
Before there’s snow!

When we’re five months behind
That’s gray,
And lonely,
We just stick out our chins
And Grin,
And Say,

The house’ll be built
So ya gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
A day
A way!

Thank you. Thank you. As always, you are so incredibly lucky that you’re reading this instead of listening to me sing it. Pity Tally. Not only does she have to listen to me sing it, but given that she’s a dog, she’s got really good ears! Heather’s smart enough to be downstairs correcting papers, out of the range of my voice…

I paid the town for the building permit on Friday. They and Ralph (our builder) both tell me it will be issued on Monday. The weather looks great for the next week. The hole will be dug! In addition, the foundation pour is scheduled for Wednesday, so this finally is the week we get rolling on this thing! Tomorrow!

And if you’re in Arizona reading this, Heather and I took Tally on a morning walk at 7am in 29 degree balmy warmth. Enjoy your 87 degree weather…

Where’s the house? November 11, 2006

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There is no house. There is no foundation. There is no hole. At least I haven’t seen them! Of course, I haven’t been over to the site in a few days and haven’t had a chance to talk to Ralph, so I’m not sure whether we have a building permit yet or whether there’s been work done.

We did meet to talk about windows, doors, shingles, timing on disbursements, etc., so something did happen this week.

Next week? Hopefully a hole, a foundation, and a beginning…

Just one big dirtbox November 5, 2006

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dave and Parker on our de-stumped lot

That may sound like an insult, but it’s really not! My brother came to visit briefly this weekend with his wife Melicca and their son Parker. It was wonderful to see them even in the rush of our fall high school sport tournaments. David and I found time on Saturday morning to make a run over to the lot with Parker. And when you’re 19 months old, this place is just like a massive sandbox! Except it’s dirt and rocks, not sand. Thus the original comment. Come on now – either you’re with me or against me on this one.

Parker - son of the Green OneSo they did many tons of work over the last 24 hours. The stumps are all out except for the one giant oak stump behind the house. No idea why that one’s still in the ground, but since I can’t pull it out either, I’m not complaining! The stumps are piled by the turn in the driveway. Speaking of the driveway, they did some major work on that as well! There’s a load of screened fill in the clearing near the street and the worked a few more loads into the driveway itself. So the slope is now manageable – but it’s still going to be interesting. I thought the top was going to be scraped a foot or two lower – we’ll have to ask Ralph and see if that’s still going to happen.

In the meantime, we’re waiting for clearance from the town to dig the hole and hope to have the foundation in next week. Stay tuned – it may be 23 degrees here in the morning, but we’re finally starting to heat up on the construction!

This is a photo of an excavator working…on our property! November 3, 2006

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Destumping!So, the water test came back slightly high in aluminum. We can deal with that. More important, the building permit is imminent and Dave Richard’s crew is back to work on property, destumping it as I type. We agreed to leave some of the stumps above-ground on property out of sight from the house today. This will do a few things:

  • Save some cash
  • Be more environmentally sound
  • Tie-in to the spot we’re thinking of having a garden. Since the stumps final resting spot would be near the garden, they’ll hack out our garden path at the same time and we’ll even get them to turn up the soil. That’ll make our life a lot easier in the future!

    Ralph says next week is the week. He wants the driveway cleaned up, the hole dug and the foundation in by the end of next week. Will it happen? Stay tuned!