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Just one big dirtbox November 5, 2006

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dave and Parker on our de-stumped lot

That may sound like an insult, but it’s really not! My brother came to visit briefly this weekend with his wife Melicca and their son Parker. It was wonderful to see them even in the rush of our fall high school sport tournaments. David and I found time on Saturday morning to make a run over to the lot with Parker. And when you’re 19 months old, this place is just like a massive sandbox! Except it’s dirt and rocks, not sand. Thus the original comment. Come on now – either you’re with me or against me on this one.

Parker - son of the Green OneSo they did many tons of work over the last 24 hours. The stumps are all out except for the one giant oak stump behind the house. No idea why that one’s still in the ground, but since I can’t pull it out either, I’m not complaining! The stumps are piled by the turn in the driveway. Speaking of the driveway, they did some major work on that as well! There’s a load of screened fill in the clearing near the street and the worked a few more loads into the driveway itself. So the slope is now manageable – but it’s still going to be interesting. I thought the top was going to be scraped a foot or two lower – we’ll have to ask Ralph and see if that’s still going to happen.

In the meantime, we’re waiting for clearance from the town to dig the hole and hope to have the foundation in next week. Stay tuned – it may be 23 degrees here in the morning, but we’re finally starting to heat up on the construction!



1. susan w - November 19, 2006

You’re out in the woods. Looks like a pretty site.
Good luck with everything!

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