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We have a hole. November 21, 2006

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The hole beginsIt’s been months and months of friends and family asking “did they dig the hole yet?”  Actually, about a month ago, that chorus changed to “is the house done yet?”, but we’re ignoring those people!  Today, they dug the hole.  Most of the hole.  Enough of the hole so that we’re still planning on pouring the footings tomorrow, at least.

I went over at noon because the slope on the site was slightly greater than expected and Ralph wanted to make sure the foundation exposure of about 4 feet in the front of the house would be acceptable.  Since the alternative is to terrace the back of the house and we’re planning on wrapping the rock wall around the front porch eventually anyway, that’s just fine.  So John went back to work with the bulldozer and the hole’s coming right along.

Heather and I will be stopping by tomorrow on the way to her parent’s house, so hopefully a few more pictures tomorrow – and maybe even one of the footings going in!



1. Stephen - November 22, 2006

Congratulations on your hole!!
This has to be the strangest comment I have ever made

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