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The Foundation November 30, 2006

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The Foundation

(Sci Fi fans: It’s Galactic Era 2006 – that’s 9982 years before the birth of Hari Seldon, according to the late, great Issac Asimov)

Well, looky here!  Those tiny little walls they planted two days ago done sprouted!  And they grew some windows!  How precious! 

It’s Thursday and the foundation crew just stripped the forms off the foundation a couple hours ago.  Heather and I and Tally were able to check out the  layout of the house and do a little cleaning up after the crew.

You’re looking at the south face of the house, so that’s the kitchen on the right and the living room on the left.  In the back left, you can see the dining room and right under the excavator is my office.  The one cutout is the bulkhead under the laundry room.  Where Heather’s standing will be the porch, wrapping from the south face past Heather by about 8 feet and the main entry to the house is just behind Heather.  Got it?

We’re set to close the financing next week as well as have the foundation inspection and move into the framing.  Wheeee!



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