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Progress? December 9, 2006

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I stopped by the building site on Monday morning and it looked shockingly like it had 9 days hence. The only difference was the the ground was frozen this time. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I met with Ralph a couple hours after that and he explained why the work had been delayed the prior 2 days. Supposedly the foundation was sealed today and some fill was dropped off and Monday will see the drainage put in place and the foundation inspection. The decking is slated to go on Tuesday and then we’re hoping to continue the site work for a few days before moving on to the framing. I’ll be at the site on Monday, so let’s see if we’re sticking to the schedule any better at that point.

Heather and I have been working with Ralph to specify the windows and exterior doors and that order’s in now. Did I mention we changed the color of the house? We decided that painting our fiber cement siding wood-like colors was going to look a bit contrived and decided instead to save a couple thousand dollars by having the siding prefinished this countrylane red color. We’ll use this autumn tan trim color and the windows will be french vanilla clad. The windows themselves will be casement windows without any grills except for in the kitchen transoms and master bedroom hemisphere. Our shingles will be a medium brown called Weatherwood.

The doors will be of Craftsman design with the front door looking something like this (except with only a left sidelight) and the single patio and double dining room French doors sharing this traditional look. Colors are still up in the air. We’re trying to figure out whether to go with a wood front door or make it a bit cheaper and possibly more durable by going with a clad option. Both Heather and I would like the outside of the house to have a bit of natural wood showing…

That’s ’bout it for now. More on Monday. Think we’ll have it framed for Christmas?



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