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And There Was Lumber! December 15, 2006

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Well trench, electical & water PVCLots of recent progress on the site! The trench from the well to the house was dug and lined with sand. The electrical connection for the well pump was put in place and I had a chance to meet our electrician for the first time. Bay State Pump returned to put in the water feed and return lines and drilled through the foundation to get them into the house. They then covered the PVC with more sand and then filled the trench.

Our foundation inspection is complete so they backfilled the foundation today as well. There’s a 3-foot wide layer of sand up against the foundation except for right at the surface where it’s just conventional fill.

There’s another load of driveway surface in place at the entrance from the street, bulldozed and crushed into place. Now my Honda won’t bottom out trying to get into the driveway.

And the big news pulled in just before 4pm! Our first lumber drop!

Tomorrow the sill goes on and hopefully the deck (the ground floor of the house) will be put in place as well!!!



1. Mom - December 15, 2006

Gopher wood?

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