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I Love the Smell of Cut Wood in the Morning! December 16, 2006

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Mike makes the cuts, knee wall in the background

The 6 person framing crew got to work for the first time this morning! By the time I arrived on site at 11am, the sill was on, the knee wall was in place on the front face of the house and they were getting to work on the beams.

If I tried to work anywhere near the pace of these guys, I’d be typing with my palms! Measure once, cut 4 times, then flip them in place, The new sill in place, beams going upnail with the gun, reinforce with the hammer and move on. Fun to watch!

So I left just past noon, but the goal for the day was to complete the beams, hang the joists and get the deck in place. This coming couple weeks are the framing of the house and the first week in January is scheduled as time for the roofing crew!

In the house for the holidays? Well, yeah. Comfortable, warm, well lit, etc? No. Definitely not. But we’re most definitely rolling now!



1. paurong - December 16, 2006

how nice.. very reserved ambiance.

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