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It was Kinda Like Walkin’ on the Moon December 17, 2006

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The basementWe walked onto the house for the first time today! The decking is 75% in place. Apparently the lumber drop was missing just a few of the beams, so there’s a chunk of decking in the kitchen area that’s missing right now. But the rest of it’s in place and looking great! Heather and I walked around on top, checking out the rooms, the views, etc.

Tally can’t quite make the 4 foot hop onto the deck, so we’ll have to wait until there are some stairs in place. She did, however, check out the eventual site of our garden with us. There’s an open 50×70 ft area about 100 feet to the southeast of the house. It’s currently covered with long grasses and shrubs, wild grapes and – until Tally came through – burrs. Now? Well, let’s just say Tally’s getting quite the grooming during the Pat’s game today!

New Olympic Event - the 10 second tripod to house runI also made the initial attempts at our newly invented sport. Remember the threaded rod/tripod in the big oak tree 75 feet from the house? Well, the sport is to screw the camera to the tree, set the auto-timer, then push the shutter release. This gives you 10 seconds to run through the leaves and branches, around the stump, through the muddy part of the driveway, around the lumber and try to climb the 7 feet onto the decking before the photo is taken.

Needless to say, there has never been a successful attempt.

Heather and Tally were both quite amused however, so I’ve done my job. Won’t you come play with us?

What’s coming this week? Framing? In for the holidays???



1. Mom - December 17, 2006

Where does the penny go?

2. G.O. - December 19, 2006

Amazing pics. The floor looks lumpy

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