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Of Little Insulating Value Thus Far… December 19, 2006

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Basement - deck completeQuick stop by the site today with coffee and cookies for the framing crew.  They got the missing beams delivered first thing this morning and were able to complete the beams, joists and decking for the first floor.  So the basement’s starting to feel complete at this point.  It won’t have this much light once the sheathing & siding go on and will have even less once the porch is in place.  The slab won’t change the floor level by too much, however, so you get a pretty good sense of how high the ceiling will be down there.

Framing the wallsWith the deck in place, the crew moved on to the first floor walls.  At 2:30 when I left the site, they had about 75% of the walls framed and laying on the deck.  I don’t know if there was enough daylight left to complete the task and put them in place, but I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I go back!

Tally’s not to happy with the progress however.  Since ladders are a bit more than she can handle, she’s stuck with hanging out on the ground with the lumber and letting me know she’s unhappy by talking to me.  She did find a leftover donut under a tarp before I saw it, however, so the site’s slowly winning her over!

We’re finalizing the front door still.  Both Ralph and John like our choice of a front door but the solid cherry door is at the high end of our budget.  We’re checking to see what a couple less expensive options would run before making the decision…



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