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Windows go here and here and here and here December 21, 2006

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1st floor walls going upSome more good progress on the site! The whole 6-person framing crew was there today and the walls were being finished, sheathed, Tyveked and lifted into place. It’s very cool to walk on the deck and see where the windows and doors will be. At noon the sun was coming through the top branches of the big oak tree. We’re going to loose a bit of sunlight to the trees in the winter, but they’re all deciduous, so it’s not too bad.

The top photo is the view from the driveway looking at the back of the house. The driveway fishhooks around the house and the door is on the left side of the photo.

There were some minor adjustments that had to be made to the plans due to small discrepancies. The front door is recessed from the east wall of the house and that area had to be built a bit smaller than planned. The spacing between the southern kitchen windows got tweaked by a couple inches as well so that the load can be carried properly onto the beams.The fireplace wallWe made a decision on the front door and are going to stay with the same front door style but have it made from fir instead of cherry. We’ll save $1100 in the process. So we’re only about $3K over budget overall right now – all due to the well/hydrofacking expenses.

This bottom photo is of the west wall. The closest part of the house is the living room. You can see the windows in the corners and where the fireplace will go in the middle. To the left of that is the double window in the dining room.

Back to the site tomorrow after a couple meetings. John Wadsworth, our architect is going to meet me out there, so he’ll have a chance to look at the construction thus far and give his thoughts.



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