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My two front teeth – and continued good weather! December 22, 2006

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1st floor south wallMy site visit today was fun despite the mysterious absence of Ralph and the entire building crew.  Our architect, John Wadsworth, has become a friend during this process and today was his first visit since before the site clearing was done.  Now John’s about as easygoing as they come, but you have to be slightly on-edge when the architect sees the work for the first time.  He didn’t make it easy, either.  Comments along the lines of “you’ve destroyed a beautiful site” made me catch my breath a bit!  Then I realized that this was John and he was just giving me a hard time!

In truth, he really liked it! Some of Heather and my questions were put to rest quickly and easily.  He was fine with the reduced with of the entryway.  The spacing on the kitchen windows wasn’t a concern.  He actually liked how high the house is sitting, saying the views from the first floor and going to be even better this way.

I can’t wait ’til we can have the housewarming party and he can get some public recognition for his work on this place.  Hopefully this blog will help him get a commission or two (especially once we get his website up and running!)

Complete first floor wallsSo the crew finished the 1st floor walls!  The top photo is of the south face of the house with the kitchen windows on the left, the patio door, and the living room windows on the right.  They still have to cut out the transom window openings in the kitchen but the amount of light that’s going to be coming in this wall will be incredible!

The second photo is the house viewed from the driveway.  You can see the the dining room french doors in the middle with my office on the left and the living room on the right.  The corner windows around the fireplace came out real well.

So we’re not sure exactly what happened to the crew today.  As much as I hope they take some wonderful time off with their families over Christmas, we’d love to see the progress continue at this pace!



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