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Maybe we can just cut the entire lighting budget out… December 31, 2006

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2nd floor deckingSo the second deck was completed on Saturday morning! Heather and I stopped by early in the afternoon after the framing crew had wrapped up and got our first taste of how much light will actually be coming into the first floor. Holy crap! We may not ever turn the lights on during the day! They put the rough stairs in place as well in order to get the decking up there (we were wondering about that). With all the load-bearing walls in place, the feel of the interior is starting to come through. There’s still the question of how they nailed the complete decking in place including the sheet over the stairs and got back down afterward. I’m speculating they swung in through the windows, but it’s possible these guys can actually fly…

Stairs framedAfter leaving the property we headed over to Percy’s to try to start to finalize our appliances for the kitchen. The big decision was going with a single oven and microwave instead one of the pricier double ovens or oven-convection microware combos. That may cause hosting parties to be a bit tougher, but for the $1800 or so we’ll save, we can afford to find a way to cope with it. Now we gotta compare the prices and get ready to finalize the kitchen cabinet design over the next week or so.



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