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Walls going up. And Up. January 4, 2007

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Gable walls upThe gable end walls looked big when they were flat on the deck yesterday. Today? Wow! They’re way up there! The western walls are up, the shuthern wall is up and the northern wall is nearly finished on the deck. In addition, the sidewalls for the master bedroom are in place.

Master bedroom viewWith the master bedroom wall up, I could see the view out of the big window for the first time as well. The huge oak is nearly centered in the window when viewed from where the bed is going to be. Very cool!

Busy day today – also got a lower quote on home appliances thanks to a referral from our friend Katie. Ralph’s going to check around as well and see if he can save us a few hundred dollars more through any of his suppliers. We’ll be meeting with our cabinet maker on site Saturday morning and going over the kitchen cabinetry. In addition, we’ll see if he’s interested in building the bathroom cabinetry at the same time.

Got a chance to hang out with our neighbor Kevin and walk him through the house. It’s a shame that we’re building just 200 feet away from them since we’re both sitting on nearly 5 acres of land. Just a matter of where the best spot is on both our lots. We’ll plant some evergreens in the spring to start blocking the direct view from their house to ours. Kevin also told me there’s plans for a small development in the field just to the east of our house. Not really a surprise but not something you ever really want to hear. The good news is that the only windows in the house that look out that way are the eastern kitchen windows. There’s already a 40-foot buffer of forest in that direction and we can plant evergreens on that side as well in time.



1. maryse - January 5, 2007

this house will be gorgeous.

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