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It’s Wet, but it ain’t Snowin’! January 8, 2007

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We’re in a little bit of a lull right now because it’s been raining Friday, Sat and today. It’s not so much the rain that’s the trouble though, it’s the wind. The crew needs to lift the north gable wall into position and then put the main roof beams in place to get the roof rolling. And if the wrong gust of wind comes up, it’s going to take the wall right off the deck and land it in the backyard. (In case you’re a bit new at this game…walls aren’t supposed to be in the back yard.)

Cut rafters waiting for the wind to die downIn the meantime, however, they’ve cut a lot of the rafters to put the roof on as quickly as possible. They’ve sheathed the small section of the roof by the fireplace. And they’ve gotten Miguel back from his extended vacation to Brazil, so the crew’s back to full strength now. The photo to the left is the rafters leaning up against the frame with an additional pile of cut rafters under the tarp on the ground.

Heather and I have been staying busy on our side too. I changed the plan on the single oven/double oven question. When I found out that the double oven was just $600 more and we’d save additional money by not having our cabinetry guy build the drawers under the oven, it came down to a $300-$400 cost to put a second oven in. We’re hoping that the new house will be a gathering point for family for years, so we opted up on this one – but we’re still $2500 under the original appliance budget we set for the house.

I met with Steve of Gene’s Woodworking in Milford on Sat. Steve’s building our kitchen cabinetry, so we measured the main kitchen wall and looked for problem spots. I’ll be meeting him at his shop later this week to finalize the plans and give him a deposit. In addition, we’re going to have him quote the cabinets for the bathrooms. In general, his work is about 5-10% over getting Kraftmaid cabinetry, but it’s more solidly built and we just like supporting local craftsmen.

Ralph says the roofing crews lined up for this week and the windows are due to be delivered on Thursday. In addition, Dave Richard is coming back on site to drop off upwards of 300 yards of fill and to work on the driveway a bit more. Should be a lot of progress in the next few days!



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