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Roofage Underway! January 9, 2007

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Ridge definedBig day on site!  The crew was able to raise the northern gable wall and move onward to the roof!  I stopped by for an hour in the afternoon and watched as they finished their bracing/scaffolding and then raised the ridge beam!  The rafters have largely been pre-cut during the rainy & windy days, so the roof’s going to go up quickly – they’re expecting to have it done tomorrow!

Watching them put the scaffolding up was quite something.  I’ve been impressed by their speed and accuracy thus far.  Now it was strength and balance as well.  You want me to balance on a plank 12 feet in the air, lift a 2×12 beam, position it perfectly and then hoist the nail gun to set the sucker?  Thanks, no.  I put in 5 minutes sweeping up – that’s my skill level!

Rafters going up So the roofline’s pretty much defined at this point.  For the first time you can see the top of the roof from the street.  It is interesting that the two sides of the house you see first as you drive down the driveway are the least attractive sides, huh?  I guess we’re working on the principle that either:

  1. If they can admire the ugly sides first, they’ll love the front.
  2.  Who gives a damn what people think?  We have 27 feet of glass facing south!

Gee, am I sticking by my guns about the house orientation or what???

Roof on and window in for Mom’s visit in a week-and-a-half!  Now we need to build some stairs or something!



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