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They make very heavy, ugly kites January 10, 2007

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Looking down on Tally through the rafters“Whoooooooshhhhhhhhhh……Thump – owwwwwww splintersssssssssssss!”

Wind does not help when you’re trying to get the sheathing on a house! I stopped by at about 4pm today and the roof beams and rafters are complete with the exception of themaster bath shed dormer . It’s cool to have the roofline finally defined and Tally and I spent about 15 minutes in the cold and wind looking around and taking photos as the light faded. I took the photos. She scarfed up all the leftover food dropped by the crew during the day.

Being inside is strange without the interior walls. I’ve gotten used to the feel of the first floor, but the upstairs is now just a big open space, made even more open by the lack of sheathing. The roof peak is about 16 feet high, I think, and it’s an echoing space! We’ll use some of that with a cathedral in the master bedroom perhaps. The rest of it will fall over the master bath, northern bedroom and upstairs bathroom. That will be for storage, I’d guess, and we’ll probably put in a pull-down stairway in the master bedroom closet. Not quite sure though – we’ll flesh those details out when the roof is on and the interior walls are in place. However we do it, there will be a ton of interesting spaces when we’re done!

West face Front of house from tripodEast faceNorth face



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