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We had our penny opportunity… January 12, 2007

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Last of the roof sheathingMy parent’s house in Framingham, MA had a cathedral living room.  And the kitchen shared that same roofline, so that one of the games my brother and I played was to see how high we could touch on the 11-foot wall between the kitchen and the stairs. Don’t worry – that’s not as dangerous as it sounds.  I don’t jump very high.

So we marked the highest touch point with a penny taped to the wall.  And when my parents sold the house in 2001, my Mom tore down the horrible flowered wallpaper in the kitchen – which raised the value of the house immeasurably.  And then my parents gave both my brother and I framed sections of that wallpaper for Chanukah that year.  With penny taped on, of course!  I’m still bitter that my brother got the original penny, but then again he got the bigger bedroom too!  But that’s another story! 🙂

Upstairs ceilingSo why the heck did do you care?  Well, today I got to decide the ceiling height for the second floor!  The plans specified a 7′ 6 ceiling in the western bedroom and a 10′ ceiling elsewhere.  We boosted the 7’6 ceiling to 8’4 to match the downstairs and kept the 10′ ceiling in many of the spots.  The shared bath upstairs will have an 8’4 ceiling and the shower/toilet area of the bathroom will be soffeted down to 8’4.  But the point is that I passed up my only opportunity to have a 21′-ceiling!  Instead, we’ll have an attic.  And warmth retained somewhere near floor level!

I know 10′ seems real high, but the master bedroom ceiling has to be around 9′ high just to deal with the window.  You’ll see.

So they finished framing the junction of the two roof lines.  They sheathed most of the remaining roof area and would have done it all if the lumber delivery wasn’t late this afternoon.  And they got the ceiling rafters/joists hung.  Ralph says windows are due on Monday and we’re going to be buttoned up next week.  Your thoughts?  Place your bets!



1. Mom - January 13, 2007

make that “attractive flowered wallpaper”

2. G.O. - January 15, 2007

While the atractiveness of that wallpaper really shouldn’t be a question, the real question is where Jeff and Heather are going to hang their framed piece in the new house. I’m gazing adoringly at mine now.

3. T - January 16, 2007

Can’t tell from the pics.

Did they finish the ski jump section of the roof yet?

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