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How can there be light without wind? January 16, 2007

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Kitchen windows from the outsideThe windows are in! All of them except the master bedroom window assembly and the master dormer windows are in place. The French doors off the dining room have been hung as well! You’ll note that I said ‘without wind’ rather than ‘without cold’ in the title, however, ’cause it’s butt cold! The eves remain open, the upstairs dormer is incomplete and we’re missing that all-important stuff called insulation. However, it’s rather neat having the windows in. The transom windows, especially, make a huge inpact.

It’s finally winter here. Temps are dropping into single digits at night and the wind is keeping it chilly even during the day. I was hoping for a passive solar effect to warm the place a bit, but that’s just not going to happen for a few more weeks/months. On the other hand, the place is pretty much sealed up, it’s the middle of January and we haven’t been hit by a snowstorm yet! Somehow I feel I’ve used up a little of my good karma. Does it work that way?

Kitchen windows from the insideDave Richard came through today as well. In addition to some fill/site work, moving stumps, etc. He dug the holes for the sona tubes which will anchor the posts supporting the curved section of roof missing in the photo above. Hopefully we’ll have the support in place by the end of the week and the roof will be completed next week.

Jeremy Maclachlan met with me on site as well today. Jeremy’s a friend and former member of my networking group. He gently dispelled my dream of a running waterfall in the back outside my office by telling me that it would likely run $10-15K and require about 10,000 gallons/hour to look good at the scale I was planning. On the other hand, he helped me out with some thoughts of a dry waterfall in its stead. We toured the house and walked the site as well and talked about the rocks and trees. A couple months from now, when the deck is up and the site is graded, we’ll have Jeremy back to do some landscape design work for us.

What’s next? The rest of the windows, the rest of the roof, the front and patio doors, more site work, interior walls – then we start getting into plumbing and electrical and all that fun stuff. ‘Course by then it’s February, so I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

We’re just happy to have windows!



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