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Progress with a Capital P January 19, 2007

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The windowThe crew has made some great progress on the house the last few days! I stopped by this afternoon and found all kinds of changes, including the big master bedroom window. The good news is that it looks incredible both inside and outside. It defines the bedroom and will likely limit us from ever having the master bed in a position other than directly opposite the window. On the other hand, what kind of an idiot would you have to be not to want to wake up every morning looking at something this beautiful? Window assembly from the outsideScore one for our architect, I think. John’s version is by far the prettiest window we’ve seen in any modification of the Maple Forest Cottage. The bad news? None of us caught the fact that the ordered, delivered and installed center bottom window is not an egress window. That means another one that actually opens has to be ordered, delivered and installed instead! Doh!

The interior walls were under construction as well, with the downstairs already complete and the upstairs due to be finished on Saturday. While it’s great to see these partitions going up, they’re one of the things that can only hurt the appearance. Rather than focusing on the open spaces and windows, I now saw how some of the rooms might be a touch cramped, etc. On the other hand, they’re a necessary evil and I’m just going to have to deal with it!

What else? The sonatubes were in place and the porch framed. You can see it on the front/right of the house in the photo above. Next week, the curved roof and last dormer will be built and they’ll be supported by the front edge of the porch.

French door stepsAnd the steps. It’s great that Ralph’s now reading the blog (Hi Ralph!). Instead of having to remind him of all the bits and pieces both on the phone and on site, I’m able to just type it out here and have him take care of it! My mom’s going to tour the house Saturday afternoon and, as of yesterday, we didn’t have steps leading up to the deck. However, Ralph read it in the blog and *Poof*! We have steps! Now mom can get up into the house and all’s well. Except for the 50MPH winds we’re supposed to get tomorrow, but what the heck – we have windows!!!



1. Steve DuBos - January 22, 2007

Where does the big screen go? I’m at a loss.

2. George Duane - January 23, 2007

I can tell you are copying the designs of those beatiful shelters and lean-tos that we slept in on the AT.

3. Patti Norris - January 25, 2007

Hey Jeff!
Visited with your mom last Sunday. Great to see her! She updated me. Can’t believe your wonderful progress. Keep it up!

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