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Cool Ski Jump! January 25, 2007

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Complete roofYowza!  That roof is cool!  Given that the temperature is nasty cold today and descending to ungodly cold tomorrow, the crew is off for a couple days.  But the roof is awesome!  It looks great from the outside including when you see it through the trees from 1/4 mile away before making the turn onto our road.  Framing of curved roofInside it’s just as neat at this point.  The framing is beautiful (nice job guys!) and it’s going to be a shame to close it off eventually, but it’s just an aesthetically pleasing curve to look at.  Credit goes to our architect John and the framing crew – and of course to Michaela Mahady for the original design!

So what else is new?  They finished the interior walls on the second floor including the dropped ceilings in parts of the bathrooms.  The pantry wall is fixed to accomodate a pocket door.  The lally columns are in place in the basement (this happened a few days ago) .  Shingles!And the shingles are on-site just waiting for a day over 25* so we can finish the roof.  Oh yeah, and we authorized the second disbursement as well – for some reason these guys don’t want to buy the materials themselves and work for free!  Personally, I don’t know what they’re thinking!

South view with complete roofStill need to put the windows into the new gable, get and install the doors and get to work on the HVAC, etc.

Ralph and I met with Steve of Gene’s Woodworking in Milford, MA yesterday.  Steve and Jeff will be building the kitchen cabinets and have a quote due to me shortly on the bathroom vanities as well.  Good news is that Ralph really liked his work and prices, so they may have a continuing business relationship as well!



1. j - January 25, 2007


Is the gable over the main door a falsy? Is it part of the space of the master bedroom, or is it just to balance out the second floor?


2. jeff - January 25, 2007

It still needs a shed roof and two small windows to be complete. It’ll add slightly to the space/light in the master bath, but the space is more like a tight alcove then useable floor space.

3. Joe - January 29, 2007

I love the smell of Newcastle in the morning!

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