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Framing complete and roofing begun January 31, 2007

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Framing completeI called up Mike & the framing crew to see if they were on site and wanted coffee. Mike said something strange: “We’re done there.” I had to think about that for a minute before realizing it meant framing was complete and we’re moving on to the next step! I figure maybe they’ll come back to install the doors, but the house is sure looking pretty framed! [thanks guys – it looks great!]  The shed roof & windows under the gable dormer are in and the house is ready for the next crews – HVAC, septic & shingles.

Roofing beginsThe shingling crew was already on site yesterday and was able to get their equipment set up and take care of a small patch of the roof while it was still warm enough to work. The high temps this week are right around 30 – 35*, so they’re struggling to get the shingles pliable enough to install. Good news is that the house is established enough so that multiple crews can work at the same time. We’re expected Bill and the HVAC crew to start soon and Dave Richard is again due to begin the septic and do a bit more site work.Heather and I made a run to Raybern in Somerville to start specifying the hardware for the house. We found some pieces we really like for doors & drawers including some front door hardware from Rocky Mountain Hardware but got stymied by the time we were looking at bathroom hardware. Simply to many choices!

We’re looking at our first potential real snowstorm of the year (in February!) on Friday, so it’d be nice to have the roof shingled and maybe even the last doors in place by then…



1. T - January 31, 2007

If we do get snow Friday, will you be the first to try the ski jump?

2. jeff - January 31, 2007

With friends like these…I’ll need an ambulance!

3. Roxanne and Clarence - September 16, 2011

Hi our lake house is similar. We actually designed our own, then stumbled upon the Maple Forest house plan. We incorporated some of the ideas and have been pleased. We are almost finished, nearly five years working on it during holidays and weekends.

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