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More roofage in our diet February 1, 2007

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More roofageBrief visit out to the site today to check on the roofing and see if our HVAC work had been started yet.  Roofing is moving right along although the crew is still still fighting the temperature a bit.  If the shingles look uneven, it’s because the cold has stiffened them up and they’re not lying flat against the sheathing yet.  The shingle color continues to appear more gray/black than we expected, but there’s definitely a slight brown tone to it.  Moot point – it’s going on and we’re not changing it!

The HVAC is still not moving, however.  It’s been about a week of waiting and no sign yet.  Since the plumber and electrician are backed up behind him, we hope Ralph can get him moving soon.  It’s February, our apartment lease is up on April 1st and we’ve got to get an idea when the house is going to be ready so we can work something out with our current landlords…



1. J - February 3, 2007


Add some pictures of the interior…a little virtual walk through.

Looks great,


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