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What comes after shinglinglingling? Sidinginging of course… February 12, 2007

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Or in my brother and cicter-in-law’s world, lodginging.  That’s an inside joke, sorry.

Siding jacksSo their were a couple guys on site putting some corner boards on the house today.  I’m guessing they’re supposed to be there.  They didn’t speak much english and I speak nothing but English and you-can’t-quite-call-it-French, so I’m waiting to talk to Ralph and confirm that they’re working on the correct house.  Given that there are two large piles of Hardieplank siding that have been dropped off as well, I’m guessing they’re in the right spot!  They’re got a couple sets of jacks in place and I’m assuming the procedure is to put up the corner boards first and then cut the siding based on those dimensions.  But I just don’t know.

I hope Ralph knows we want to increase the height of the chimney before the siding goes on.  As much as it’s a breezy site, the chimney is still less than the height of the roofline 5 feet away.  Both for better draft and to keep the smoke from blowing into the adjacent bedroom window, we want to boost is up another few feet.

What else has happened in the last week?  Well, Heather and I put in a bunch of time specifying electrical and plumbing fixtures, but we need to hear back from Ralph on pricing before we finalize anything.  Not much else.  Looks like the HVAC is waiting until the siding is on.  Since there’s a little bit of a Nor’easter due on Wednesday, we’ll get a bit more of the siding in place then be shut down for another day or two.

Another issue on the site is the construction waste.  Originally, we couldn’t get a dumpster down the driveway.  Ralph’s been promising a dump truck for a while to clean up the pile of scrap, but now it’s going to get interesting.  How long will it take for 5-10 inches of snow to melt off the pile – or is that heap going to be there for another month?  Let’s see what happens on the site tomorrow – and see if this storm punks out too!



1. T - February 12, 2007

What do you think, will we buy and move into a house before you guys can move in? Not a comment on speed here, just wondering.

Oh and knowing the words for barnyard animals in french is not even you-can’t-quite-call-it french. Vache!

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