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We have contact February 14, 2007

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Something crazy happened on Tuesday! After calling Ralph 3 times that morning, I stopped by the site on my way back from a meeting. As I pulled in, in noticed that not only were the siding guys there again, but there was a concrete truck spinning away and Ralph was on site! Ralph! The guy who I’d been unable to get in touch with for the last 6 days? Our builder? He was alive!

Ralph - doing work?I can prove it to you. He’s the guy in the orange and white jacket – and for the first time I actually saw him pick up a tool and do some work!

Okay, I’m just busting his chops and letting out some serious pent-up frustration. Ralph’s job isn’t to pick up any tools – it’s to plan and manage the project and he’s doing a good job at that. And I’ve pretty much done nothing on site myself – as a favor to my insurance company and those around me. However, I really was excited to see him there with his assistant, Chucky!

Exterior window trimThey poured the footings for the deck (you don’t want to know what that concrete cost with all the hot water and calcium they had to add to make it set in the 20 degree temps. At the same time, the siding crew was triming the exterior windows, having already put up the corner boards. They’ll then be ready to put up the siding…

…After the storm. And while I can’t say it’s punking out this time, it’s certainly not what it could be so far! On the other hand, Heather has a Snow Day, Tally drops 10 years and acts like a puppy when it snows and my damn boss won’t give me the day off. That Jerk! Let’s see if the house is delayed by a day or two.

But I talked to Ralph. We went over all the open issues and will sit down and talk about expenses and timeline within a week. There are a lot of pieces cued up right now. In addition to the siding rolling now, the HVAC is about to go. The doors are ready, the site work has to continue, the bulkhead is ready, the framing crew will come back to increase the chimney height and frame out the kitchen and upstairs bath a bit more. And Ralph’s going to get back to us on the hardware/fixture budgets to let us know if we’re on target.

I’m still not happy when he’s out of touch for a few days – even when he’s sick – but some of that has to go on my shoulders. If I acknowledge that the project is moving forward and relax a bit on my insistance on talking to him when I want to, I’ll be less frustrated with the process.  The project moves forward.



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