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Winter Waited a Long Time… February 20, 2007

Posted by jeff in Uncategorized.

Winter Wonderland…But eventually decided to come by for a visit. The roof was ready for it and the shingles will handle the melt just fine. The siding on the other hand wasn’t quite there yet. Okay, the siding was barely there at all! But they crew has moved from the corner boards and window trim to the siding itself and started the installation on the side of the house facing the road. We decided to put our fiber cement siding up natural and then paint it later rather than paying for the factory pre-painting it.

That was on Friday afternoon. I was disappointed nothing more had been done on the house – no HVAC, no electrical, no site work. And without any site work, the driveway was also impassable. And I forgot my sled!!!

Beginning the sidingWant to join the debate? What’s the best way for me to plow this driveway long term? It ain’t a shovel and I’m not pushing a snowblower up a 400 ft.+ driveway with a 6% slope.

  1. Tractor w/snowblower or plow
  2. Truck with a plow
  3. Large team of monkeys with shovels
  4. Trust global warming. We’re done with snow.

Let’s see what happens next. Ralph and I are playing phone tag and I’m planning on a run out there later today.



1. T - February 20, 2007

You could pour hot water on the snow at the top of the driveway and use it to melt the snow. No wait…

2. jeff - February 20, 2007

Gee, and we could encourage a volcano to emerge right there as well and do the same with a bit of lava! No paving required! My friends are so smaht!

3. G.O. - February 20, 2007

Get a truck. Someone in the family ought to own one as we attempt a return to nature.

4. Mom - February 23, 2007

Move to Arizona and don’t worry about it

5. Joel - February 27, 2007

You don’t want to subcontract with monkeys. Too much flinging of…not snow.

You could get one of those 48″ wide snowblowers that are self-propelled! Man, those things are AWESOME!

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