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HVAC almost done? February 24, 2007

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Siding closupIt’s been a good week!  I stopped by the site on Friday and found both the siding and HVAC crews at work.  Siding is nearly complete on the straight runs.  They’re leaving the gable ends for last and have about 70% of the house complete right now.  It’s going slower than I expected with only two and sometimes three guys working on it in the cold, but it’s being well done – at least to my eyes!

The fiber cement siding is pretty solid stuff.  You can click on that photo on the left to see the closeup of the thickness and the pattern.  It’s supposed to last for 50 years or more, hold paint for 15 years at a time, and resist pretty much all damage from insects, hail, fire, flung rocks, etc.  I lived most of my life in a grey house though – so I can’t wait ’til we get some paint on it! (sorry Mom & Dad!)

Basement furnace installationHVAC is just flying right now!  The crew from Excel Mechanical had the upstairs complete with the furnace in place (we have separate heat zones upstairs and downstairs) and the downstairs is nearly complete too!  They were just putting the basement furnace in place during my visit Fri am visit and are expecting to wrap everything up on Monday!  Given the delays we’ve had in other parts of the project and even in starting the HVAC work, it’s great that they were able to rip through it so fast.

The ductwork is very cleanly done and there’s no intrusion in either the first or second floors of the house.  The ducts in the basement will severly effect headroom in a few places, but I expect ceiling heights in those spots to still end up around 6’4.  This is something we expected due to the bedrock, type of framing and decision not to have the house sit any higher on the site.

Next?  Let’s see how quickly Ralph can get the plumber in – and we need some framing work done before then on the kitchen & bath walls and chimney!



1. Mom - February 28, 2007

Color: “ROY G BIV”? SHG insists that purple is neutral.

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