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You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Putting an Egg in Backwards March 2, 2007

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Siding the gable endsThings continue to roll forward. The 3-person siding crew is about 85% done and is now working on the south face of the house, delayed slightly by the fact that the center window of the master bedroom window assembly still hasn’t been replaced. Soffet sidingIt was specified, ordered and installed wrong about a month ago and the new one’s not in yet. Once that’s done, the trim around that window can be done and the siding in that area can be completed. They’re taking care of the soffets – the exterior roof overhangs – as well. This is a white vinyl that can be painted with a special paint and blends really well into the fiber cement siding.

The HVAC system is complete and looking very well installed. I’d show you photos of this, but that’d really put you to sleep!

Patio doorInstead, let’s take a look at the doors! The missing doors are finally in! The patio door is on the south wall of the kitchen and shares the same ‘9 light prairie’ styling as the french doors in the dining room. It’s amazing how much light one door can add to a kitchen already full of windows, but this is the first one not to have protective coating over the glass. This is a fir door that we’re going to stain – probably cherry.

The mudroom door is in as well. No photo of that one now, but it’s a simple exterior door with 4 small panes in a horizontal row across the top. Of course, since there’s no mudroom/garage at this time (or for a number of years), it’s the door to nowhere…

Exterior front doorAnd then there’s the key one. The front door. It’s beautiful. Even better from the inside than the outside because the blue glass in the leaded glass pattern really jumps with the light shining through it. The sidelight is beautiful and echos the glass pattern well. The door’s well made, swings easily, and happens to swing the wrong direction!

Heather and I talked about keeping it. Ralph’s thought is that it’s nice to walk into the kitchen – the main room of the house. He’s correct as well in saying that usually the door handle is located next to the sidelight so that you can look through it before opening the door.  There are a few problems though. The first is that the closets are now located behind the door and we’re a shoes-off kind of household. The second is that the entryway has a lot more impact if you walk in towards the hall and eventual dining room window than if you walk into the stairs and kitchen wall.

Front door - interiorThe entryway’s tight as is – we cropped a number of feet out of this area to save cost and it’s pretty apparent in some ways, so we need to do everything we can to make it work well. So the door’s coming out and being replaced with one that swings the other direction, keeping the sidelight where it is (on the kitchen side). Hopefully it won’t cost Ralph much and won’t hold up the build at all!

What else? The posts for the porch are pretty much in place (missing 2) on the footings. The fireplace is framed. Today, the plumber’s supposed to start and the framing details like bumping out the kitchen wall to recess the fridge are supposed to be done. Next week? Plumbing, finish siding, a few more bits and pieces…



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