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When Can We Move In? March 14, 2007

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Siding the windowI know you’ve been waiting breathlessly for the next post, checking every hour and holding your breath. The problem with the house kicking into high gear is that I’ve been too busy doing research, walkthroughs and planning to keep this blog up to date. But don’t worry – we’re going to fix that right now!

What’s happening?

  • The rough plumbing is nearly done
  • The electrical walkthrough is complete and the house is marked and ready
  • The master bedroom window is now to code with a center egress window and has been trimmed so the siding can be completed around it
  • Siding is complete except for the chimney and most of the exterior soffits are complete as well
  • The kitchen appliance wall is framed out so the fridge can be recessed to counter depth and the fireplace is roughed
  • The mahogany decking has begun on the porch
  • We’ve finally got a dumpster on site and most of the waste has been transferred – it’s actually time for another dumpster!
  • Site work has resumed. The driveway improvements continue, the stumps are being moved to their resting place, the septic was begun (and put on hold, pending more frost melt)

Taking out the trashHow do you like them apples??? The warm weather has been just what we needed and it’s such a thrill seeing 4 different sub crews working on the site at the same time! At the same time, the quick pace has made life a bit hellacious in some ways. Decisions are fast and furious right now. It’s crazy bordering on stupid to have to make all these choices immediately after having had the past year to work through things like this, but the construction industry is its own world and our choice is to put up or put up. Getting out is not an option.

After planning the site work for 18 months and hearing from everybody including our builder that we can plan the driveway path over the septic field, we found out this week that we can’t do that. So we had two choices: curve the driveway a bit closer to the house or endanger the tree that’s become one of the focal points of the house. I guess there’s a third choice too – we could pick the house up and slide it back a wee bit. Needless to say, the front yard is now a bit smaller and the driveway’s a bit closer!

Front door deckingAnd then there’s the front door. Remember the front door? Ordered and installed a couple weeks ago, swinging open the wrong direction? Imagine my surprise when, while doing the electrical walkthough, I found that we were still planning on keeping the door the way it is! Needless to say, I was a mite bit irked. The funny thing is that we’re now going to keep it as is. Most of the decision is because we were uncertain before and the door’s in place. Even though it’s Ralph’s mistake and he’d eat the cost, we don’t need to go through that. This way you walk into the main room of the house and all the light of the kitchen. The other way, you walk into the openness of the hallway and have easier access to the closets. So the door’s final, the light switches are all now planned and Ralph’s free to apply the $500 we just saved him to the next time we say “no, let’s do this instead!”

Code windowWe went through a whole to-do about the downstairs lav sink as well. Both Heather and I hate pedestal sinks. But the lav is tiny, so putting a 24 inch box cabinet in place would make it feel too crowded. We discovered a very cool custom wood/tile/vessel sink piece in a bathroom book Heather bought last year and committed to the decision of going with this piece instead of a standard cast pedestal. Remember that $500? Yeah, add a bit and we just spent it. But hopefully it’s going to be another of those touches that we love about the house, and heck – it’s my office lav as well. Maybe it’ll help close a website deal one of these days!!!

So you’re up-to-date! Ralph met with the flooring guy today, we finalized much of the trim detail plans, I met with our friend Tony who’s going to be painting the house, and I’m about 48 hours behind on my work for some unknown reason!

End-of-May? What do you say?



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