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It’s March. It’s New England. We got buried. March 19, 2007

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Sledding down the drivewayIt started snowing as I left the house on Friday morning and stopped 24 hours later. On Sunday Heather, Tally and I made the trip out to the house and engaged in what will hopefully become a family tradition: sledding down the driveway! The trick will be to pitch the finished driveway enough that water’s shed correctly without throwing the sleddee into the trees! At this point, however, it’s a gimme. It took a couple passes to crunch down the ice layer and then it was smooth sailing – just a nice 150 foot glide. As Heather asked, how long will it take to build the jump and where will it go?

Pinetree after snowSo Heather got her first walk through the house in a while. The electricians had gotten a bunch done in relatively little time. When I returned on Monday, I found out why – they have a team of 4 working on the house! The electrical inspector’s scheduled for Thursday, so we’re moving right along! I’ve got to book some time for this coming weekend to take care of the network and home theater wiring and get in touch with my friend David to help out with the alarm wiring as well. Central Vac? Will it happen? Do I need it? We’re probably going to close the walls in 2 weeks, so it’s going to have to happen fast if it’s going to happen at all!

Someone else is plowing!Part of the fun today was watching Ralph’s nephew plow the driveway. This is not going to be an easy project. After watching him ram and skid his way through the job, I’m again thinking tractor and snowblower as the leading candidate for the job.  Our friend Joel suggested a big push snowblower which is nice for it’s $2500 price, but ugly in trying to get it up the driveway in a concrete storm like the one we got this weekend.  With the amount of gardening and landscaping we’re hoping to do, the tractor is more and more seeming like the right option.  And until we close on the final mortgage, I’m not even going to think about when the purchase may eventually happen. We can sled for a few more years!



1. J - March 19, 2007

Central Vacs are total crap. You still lug a hose around either way, but if a conventional vac breaks or gets clogged, the problem isn’t in the walls. Just mho.

Looks great, I hope you stock a wide assortment of sleds for visitors.

Get a tractor, I’ll drive your tractor if you need any tractoring done :’)…..I’m just sayin’.

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