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Slab is a Funny Looking word March 24, 2007

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The slabI had a nice site visit with Ralph yesterday.  Spent a long time walking through the house and talking about the plan for the upcoming weeks.  The biggest change was definitely the slab – that’s the floor of the basement.  For months now we’ve had a deep gravel base in place, with footings supporting the house.  Now they put a water barrier in place and then poured a 4 inch thick slab of concrete to seal up the basement.  Everywhere, that is, except in two spots were openings to the outside (bulkhead and geothermal/well in/out piping) where the snowmelt decided to say hello.  In the snowmelt language, saying hello results in flooding sections of the basement with very cold water, so the crew dug a couple holes through the newly poured slab to drain that water to the gravel below.  Once the bulkhead is in place the the geo/well piping is sealed properly, they’ll use hydraulic cement to plug those holes and finish the seal of the basement.  In the photo, you can see the dust from the drying and evaporation of the slab – that’ll be cleaned up when they put the basement stairs in next week.

Kitchen rough lightsThe electrical rough is complete and the plumbing rough is within hours of being done as well.  It’s cool to see all the recessed lighting cans placed throughout the downstairs.  Only the pendants over the kitchen island and the chandelier in the dining room will project from the ceiling.  Everything else is wired up and we’re just waiting for the electrNextical inspection before I throw my network, video and perhaps alarm wiring in.

Living room rough lights

The next two weeks should be big ones! We’ve hoping to have the house insulated by the end of next week and the walls/plaster done the following week!  To make that happen, we need the rough inspections to happen on time, the framing crew to finish the soffits and me to get my wiring done.  In addition, I’m going to take a few hours to catalog the house so that I have pictures of where all the wires and pipes are in the walls.  Hopefully that’ll come in handy years from now!

Outside, the recessed lighting is in place with 6 lights arrayed around the porch.  Dave Richards moved all the stumps down near the garden where they’re pretty much invisible and should create some great creature habitat for years to come.  And the property has turned to soup.  With the frost coming out, the snowmelt washing down and the big trucks pulverizing the soil, you can sink 4-5 inches into the ground in places.  We’re really looking forward to bring in the fill and driveway base, perhaps this next week! Dave’s going to also be taking care of the septic system over the next couple weeks, so there’ll plenty happening inside and out!



1. Chris Stout - March 25, 2007


I came across your site (wonderful blog, btw!) after googling this home plan that I fell in love with while browsing for home plans. Would you mind if I contacted you about some questions I had? I’d love to be able to get some opinions from someone who has gone through this process. I can be reached at vendors-AT-vatechgroup.com

Again, awesome journal of your progress! Congratulations on your new home.


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