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Do We $hit in the Woods? March 29, 2007

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Septic being dugThe answer is yep, if we gotta.  ‘Cause the plumbing ain’t done yet!  But we took a big step forward yesterday when Dave Richard sunk the septic tank and dug the leach field!  Dave said the inspector was due out this morning and Ralph said the plumbing and electrical inspections were scheduled for today as well.  Were they done?  I don’t know, but I’m heading out tomorrow afternoon to do some network wiring, so I hope so!  It’s not that my wiring isn’t to code or anything, just that we don’t need to confuse the issue at all and have network, speaker, video and alarm wiring in the way!

Chimney Extension I took a photo of the extended chimney as well.  It’s been about 6 weeks since the chimney was built, but I wasn’t happy with the height.  The framing crew boosted it a good 4 feet and hopefully that’ll be enough to:

  1. Draw well so that it operates efficiently
  2. Raise the smoke level high enough so it doesn’t blow towards the window 15 feet away
  3. Pass inspection

Always those dang inspections!

Mike’s truck stuckWe had a fun few hours on Monday as well.  The framing crew was on-site building the soffits, the chimney extension and some other bits and pieces.  Mike decided to drive the van into the backyard of the house as he had all winter – but it didn’t work so well now that the backyard is soup!  We ended up with 3 hours of fun as the framing crew, Ralph and Chucky and myself tried a dozen different strategies and eventually got the van out and up the driveway.

The moral of the story?  Other than “don’t let $%^@$^ rocks get stuck under your $#@&*% driveshaft? We’re going to need to do some serious work on the driveway!  I talked to Dave about it yesterday and he says it’s about 2 weeks out.  Finish the septic, bring in the fill and rough grade the property, then finish the driveway.

Next week?  Insulation and maybe, by the end of the week, start the walls!   The end of May is approaching fast and we need to move in during June, since our lease expires at the end of that month!



1. Jason Wright - April 6, 2007

We love your web site. My wife and I are in the first steps of building our Maple Forest Cottage home, we have enjoyed watching your progress. Fill free to contact us with any suggestions or ideas!

House looks GREAT!

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