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Finally, Some Sweat Equity! April 24, 2007

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How not to insulateFor a do-it-yourselfer, hiring a builder isn’t an easy move.  In my case, it’s a smart move though!  I’ve got no problem with a set of shelves being a little bit squidgy, but I’m really fond of the idea that our new house is going to be a rock.  So this last week was a special one.  I actually got to put 3 days of work into the house, improving the insulation!  It was all wrapped up by Friday.  All the compression removed, all the gaps filled, all the thermal bypass areas filled (other than the ones that will be filled with wallboard or How TO insulateaccessible from the attic.)  The photo on the right is how the insulation was installed in the upstairs bathroom.  It was squeezed behind the pipe and wires, resulting in the 5 1/2 inch think R-21 batt being compressed down to about 1 1/2 inches.  On the right is the wall done correctly (I hope!)  The batt was split around both the pipe and wires so that the bay is completely filled with 5 1/2 inches of insulation.  The pipe, obviously, still takes up it’s space and the wires take up an inch of thickness – can’t help that!  But the paper’s pulled tight and stapled to the front of the studs to prevent compression and hopefully this wall will keep the bathroom toasty!  When it was all done, I walked through the house, taking “after” photos which will be submitted with our Energy Star application.  The big hurdle on the application now is reducing the leaks in the downstairs ventilation ducts, but either I or the geothermal crew will be applying more mastic to that end pretty soon.  We need to insulate the ducts in the basement better as well, but that’s space that will remain open – we have a couple months to get that done!

Driveway electrical trenchWhat else?  The soffit over the front door was finished around the recessed lights.  The trench was dug to run the electrical from the pole to the house.  This involved a bunch of hammering with a rented excavator w/hydraulic hammer.  Luckily we got double use out of it when the site crew spent a while breaking up some of the larger rocks on property so we can use them in walls far more easily.  The electrical was supposedly installed yesterday and I’m hoping it’s been inspected now.

The weather’s turned beautiful here.  The spring peepers made themselves heard this past week and between them and the bird calls, it’s going to be a wonderful chorus to listen to for years to come!  John Wadsworth, our architect, came out to visit on Friday and very much liked what he saw.  Now he’s just waiting for our wicked kegga and pahty to come visit again!

Today’s a big day.  I’m meeting with our painter on site to get an estimate on painting the outside of the house from him and he’s meeting with Ralph to get a timeline on doing the interior work.  Hopefully the electrical trench is being filled and we’re getting the board dropped off this afternoon.  And I’m supposed to finally be checking out slate/tile with Ralph ’cause that’s one decision that Heather and I have been having trouble with.

We’ve lost 10 days on the schedule this month due to weather and delays and, if we don’t kick it into high gear immediately, I’m going to owe my friend Joe a case of beer.  We need to get our occupancy permit by the end of June or else!!!



1. Joe - April 24, 2007

mmmmm, beer!
Looks good though, double or nothing on July 31st?

(Just kidding)

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