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What’s 1/2 Inch Thick and Weighs 10 Tons? April 25, 2007

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Sheetrock deliveredThat’s the sheetrock, baby!  It was a great day on site Tuesday as we moved forward across the board.

The morning started with a visit from Tony, our painter.  Tony and his wife Deb are friends and just had a baby boy named Eamonn a couple weeks ago, so it’s great to see Tony and get ready to get him ready to roll on our house!  He met with Ralph to talk schedule and then walked through the house with me.  Since we chose to purchase the siding unpainted, Tony’s going to get me a quote on painting the exterior as well.

The electrical trench was inspected, approved and filled by 1pm.  Turns out McKenna, the electricians,  had put the panel in place and connected all the wires on Monday when they ran the line from the street.  Now we’re just waiting for National Grid to do their thing at the pole and the house will have power!

Our plumber came by as well to finish off the vents for the bathrooms.  They’re minimizing holes in the room, so are venting everything possible to the eves and the north side of the house.  My networking organization is really looking for a plumber right now, so I’m psyched that Dennis is going to come visit one of our meetings as well.  He’s proved himself to be smart, interesting and reliable thus far – I’d be happy to refer some business his way!

Chucky and another of Ralph’s crew swept up the house and stacked all the spare usable materials in the basement while Ralph and I made a run out to look at tile/slate and talked through all the open issues.

Look!  Sheetrock and Plaster!The day ended with the delivery of the sheetrock.  Given that we now only have a ladder into the house since the stairs were removed for the electrical trench, it’s a very good thing their crane/truck does most of the heavy work for them.  It looked like about 80 double sheets of 4×12 board that they loaded into the house!  That’s about 110 lbs per sheet, so that’s 9 tons of sheetrock and then nearly another 2 tons of plaster doing up in the next few days!  As Mike, our energy auditor pointed point, it’s all part of the thermal mass that helps keep the house comfortable and reduces the heating/cooling costs.  They popped a few windows out to make the drop and it’s a great thing, too.  I can’t imagine trying to carry 8000 lbs. up the stairs to the top floor!

So what’s up now?  We’re hoping the insulation got it’s final inspection late yesterday and if so the board crew should be hanging sheetrock now.  I’ll be heading over at 3pm to check it out and to meet with Mike Berry, our Energy Star coordinator.  We’re looking to finish the plaster by next Tuesday and then we’ll take a bit of time looking at paint samples as we enter the phase of painting, floors and painted trim.  The natural trim, cabinetry and finish plumbing/electrical come last.  We still have a bunch of little bits like the fireplace/kitchen vent ducts that have to be installed, but hopefully that won’t hold up the process too much…



1. JP - April 25, 2007

Hey Jeff,

Would love to see a ‘virtual tour’; just some of picks from the door looking down the kitchen side and from the door looking down the other side. Then maybe one the length of the upstairs.

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