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I Forget: What’s the Opposite of “Start”? April 28, 2007

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Bedroom sheetrockThe latest delay has come to an end. It’s very much a type of incremental torture, where the municipality, the builder, subs, weather and life in general all collaborate to do the one thing you can’t deal with – delay the house. But it’s a funny kind of torture because, while they don’t release you from your bonds, they do occasionally start working productively for periods of time, entertaining you and rebuilding your sense of hope. Before crushing it again.

This time it was the building inspector’s office not inspecting the insulation. Joanne (Ralph’s wife) called for the inspection last Friday. On Thursday afternoon, 6 days later, we still didn’t have either signature or list of required changes. Never mind that the sheetrock was ready on Tuesday and the crew was puttering around, picking up little jobs and just chomping at the bit to come in. Never mind that I’m ready to walk into Town Hall with a massive can of whoop ass. Jerks. Friday morning we got our signature and now we’re rolling again.

And I’ll tell you, when the water stops dripping on your forehead, and instead your torturers start spoon-feeding you strawberries and creme, life is very nice.

Lower wall cabinetsThe other great thing that happened Friday was visiting Gene’s Woodworking and seeing our cabinetry finished and ready to roll! Steve has been one of our greatest subs (Heather found him through a referral from a co-worker) because he or Jeff answers his phone (!) and is always pleasant, humorous, and does great work for great value.

The natural cherry cabinetry looks great! We took a number of Steve’s recommendations in designing the cabinetry. The doors are hinged to open 180 degrees. The cabinet boxes, like all their work, are built solidly and we’re expecting them to work smoothly and endure for years. bookcase cabinetryIn addition to the standard kitchen cabinetry, they built the curved bookcase that’s going to define the outer edge of the kitchen. It looks great and, combined with the pendant , is really going to tie the kitchen/living room together into one space. That’s one piece that I can’t wait to see in place!

Steve also built the vanities for the upstairs bathrooms and the funky custom wood pedestal we found in a design book and modified to fit the downstairs lav. Oven Stack cabinetryYou can see the top and base upside down perched on the cabinetry in the top photo. The question on that piece is whether to top it with granite as we planned or whether to finish the cherry with a more waterproof method and leave it natural. Hmmmm.

Did a door walk-through on Thursday as well, picking out the door types, finishes and swings for the 20ish interior doors in the house. That one went pretty smoothly although there are a couple spots framing is going to make the trim a bit interesting.

Today we get to visit the site with our friends Cy and Gail and hope to see the sheetrock installation having progressed on Friday. If not, we’re still looking to have the plaster done by Friday and hope to start priming/painting next week.



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