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From Brown to Gray to White? May 2, 2007

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Upstairs sheetrockSheetrocking is nearly complete now!  The crew had some personnel issues and is working with only 2 guys, but they’re still going to complete the house in about 3 days.  I’d be destroyed after the first hour doing what they’re doing, but that’s definitely why I’m sitting behind a computer!  Kinda fun to watch them work with one cutting and moving board and the other fastening it.  The installer is about 6’5 and doesn’t bother with stilts or ladders or anything like that.  Downstairs sheetrock in progressHe just reaches up and drives the fasteners home – even the ones at the top of the walls, 8’2″ up there!  Think about that for a second – it’s not just reaching to that height; it’s repeatedly driving home screws at a 90 degree angle at that height!  My shoulder hurts just thinking about it!

We ran into some problems as well – and for one of the first times, it’s been me being picky rather than a true obvious mistake.  The windows near the fireplace were installed about 2 inches different from one another.  Because it’s an obvious symmetry issue that will be exaggerated and exacerbated by the trim, they’re tearing off the drywall and moving one of the windows.  In addition, the pocket doors weren’t sized/installed as I pictured.  The pantry door was installed too close to one of the walls and would have made cabinetry on that wall awkward.  The laundry room door left the machines jutting out a couple inches into the doorway.

This is where I acknowledge it’s a custom build rather than a purchased home.  We’d accept things like this if we bought a house off the market.  But almost 3 years into the process, we’re going to have them done right.  The trick is that our plans were a bit minimal – we didn’t pay our architect to compile the usual 20 page packet of complete plans that would give all the details to the framing crew.  Instead, our builder and his crews have had to make a lot of it up.  Of course, if these little bits are all that’s lost in the process, we’ve done real well!  And Ralph’s handling it well too – he may not be happy with some of these fixes, but he’s pleasant about it and understands that it’s all about fixing it and not blaming for it.   Who’s paying for it?  The windows were an error on the part of the framing crew and the pocket doors were a lack of planning/communication.  I’m not sure where it’s all going to shake out!

Today  the sheetrocking crew should be finishing up and the plaster should be starting.  We’re looking at finishing plaster next Monday, so we’d prime the place at the end of next week and begin finish trim/painting/floors soon after that…



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