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White and Bright and Light! May 9, 2007

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kitchen plasterWe’re really starting to look like a house now! The plaster wrapped up on-schedule on Monday afternoon and we’re giving the house about 3 days to dry before the prime coat gets sprayed on. It’s a huge difference with the plaster up – everything’s so much brighter!  Ralph and the electricians did a good job putting the recessed in the right spots – it’s so much clearer now with the plastered ceilings.  The beams in the kitchen are exposed as planned.  We’re going to wrap them in maple or cherry to really divide the kitchen from the living room.  One of the amazing things to me is how the plaster unified the house.  All the way through the planning stages and building – until now – I saw the kitchen and living room as one large room, but the dining room as separate.  living room plasterNow with the plaster up, it feels like the dining room is more a part of the living room than the kitchen is.  I love it!  This means the house continues to open up and reveal new rooms as you walk through it.  It’ll be up to Heather and I to chose paint, furniture position, etc. well in order to distinguish between the rooms…

Now we’re trying to work out the details and schedule on the fireplace, tile/slate, hardwood, trim, paint, etc… All I know is it’s coming fast and furious right now – and I like it!



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