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Why Hire Professional Painters? May 10, 2007

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Living room paint samplesCan YOU prime a house – walls and ceilings – in 3 hours? Tony and his 2 assistants got to the site around 6am, taped and sealed everything before 7am and then had the entire place primed by 9am. That’s crazy. No, that’s more than crazy. That’s impossible in my world! I know they’ve got both experience and tools and I know sprayers go a lot faster then anything else. It would still take me 3 or 4 days. Minimum.

Hire painters. Heck, hire Tony Gahan from Anner Valley Painting. He and his wife (and 4 week old son!) are friends and his prices are just as good as his timeliness!Bedroom paint samples

The guys spent the rest of the day caulking the exterior of the house, getting it ready for paint. Again, I don’t want to think about how long and how ugly the job would be if I were involved. The funny thing is that I didn’t even think of doing the electrical, the site work, the framing, etc. It’s just that I used to paint semi-professionally! I really should stick to my day job! At least I built Tony’s website!

Exterior paint samplesSo Heather spent a bunch of time on colors over the last few weeks, culminating in a bunch of decisions reached last night. Today I painted our first 6 color samples and then picked up another 6 samples this evening. We’ll check those out tomorrow. What do you think? When does the real painting happen? Well, we have to finalize the colors. Then the trim carpentry has to go on upstairs and the natural wood has to be delivered for the downstairs. Then Tony’s free to keep rolling.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a big day – the fireplace is supposed to be put in place in the morning. All 600 lbs of it. If I’m involved, I’ll be taking pictures – not lifting – don’t worry! I know my limitations! National Grid says they’re going to hook up power on Monday and tile/slate and hardwood is ready to start rolling next week as well. Mid-June? Maybe?



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