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A Week of Nothing Makes the Heart Fonder May 19, 2007

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Well, it’s been a frustrating week.

Nothing happened.

On site, that is.  In reality, all the deliveries and subs were being lined up, the next orders placed, and a ton of calls made to National Grid who still hasn’t put our meter in place and turned on the juice!

Pile of maple flooring in the kitchenBut starting Thursday, things kicked back into high gear!  The maple flooring, which had been preconditioning off site, got dropped in two huge piles in the kitchen and green bedroom.  All the upstairs doors and trim was dropped off as well.  On Friday, when I stopped by around noon, the crew was back at work on the trim & doors.  Hardwood will wait until next week so the wood can condition a bit more prior to installation.  We’d like to get the fireplace in place before the maple goes down too, since a 600 pound fireplace can do a mite bit of damage to the floor!

Trimming the upstairsSo the paint-ready upstairs doors came framed incorrectly.  The guys had to strip off the 5/8″ x 3″ trim in order to use the proper 3/4″ x 4″ trim.  If not, the door framing wouldn’t mate with the baseboards.  We’re trying our best to minimize waste on this project and I’m really hoping that door framing can somehow be reused by someone.  In the meantime, the important part is that we’re not paying for it.  We’ve got  a fun detail there – the upstairs trim is all going to be painted to save us a bit of money.  The downstairs trim is the true character of the house.  It’s all natural maple and cherry.  Causing us some timing issues as well, since we’re still looking for a good price on the maple doors and the maple trim wasn’t delivered with this last load as it was supposed to have been.  Hopefully that’ll come in early next week so that the crew and painters can address it and get it rolling.

Baseboard profileBaseboards.  The details.  I’d worked out the trim detail with Ralph downstairs but I guess that bit had never been communicated properly to the crew.  When I arrived, Marco was installing the baseboards expertly.  Unfortunately, they still had a squared top corner instead of the 45* bevel I’d worked out with Ralph.  As I thought about the impact of tearing off 40 feet of baseboards, I thought about how dinged up the square edge was going to get over time and what it would feel like for myself, Heather, or children to fall and have the sharp edge cut into us.  Enough said.  Miquel and Mike put together some templates, we chose (and signed!) one, and we’ll now have the same baseboard upstairs and down.  Albeit the upstairs will be painted pine and the downstairs polyurathaned natural maple.

Window on the workstationOne of the coolest little things to see was were the crew had set up their workstation in the master bedroom.  In order to see better, they’d taken the protective coating off one of the windows.  I caught this out of the corner of my eye and had to walk over and touch the glass to make sure it was really there.  We’ve gotten so used to the filtered light seeping into the house.  Once the plastic comes off, the light is going to blaze!  I can’t wait!

What’s next?  Upstairs trim completes on Monday.  Painters come in to do the upstairs on Tues or Wed.  Hopefully they’ll continue and do the downstairs immediately after that.  In addition, cabinetry gets installed on Monday morning!  That’ll be a huge change!  Fireplace, tile/slate?  ELECTRICITY?  We’ll see…



1. Katie Toomey - May 22, 2007

you just can’t trust those guys from the power company!!

But I agree about Tony, what a painter!

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